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What is Twill Fabric ?Classification of Twill Fabrics

Twill fabric refers to fabrics woven with twill weave. The fabric surface of twill fabric has diagonal lines at a certain angle. Twill weave is a structural form in which the intersection points of warp and weft threads present a certain angle of twill lines on the surface of the fabric.

Characteristics of twill fabric

In the article '3 Fundamental Weaves Of Woven Fabric', we have talked about the characteristics of twill weave. Twill fabric is woven from twill weave. So the characteristics are the same as twill weave. Twill fabric have different effects on the front and back. The front slash lines are more pronounced. When the raw material and yarn are the same. Twill fabric is more durable than plain fabric.Twill fabric is more flexible and drapable than plain fabric. And the wrinkle recovery is stronger. Finer yarns can be woven more tightly when weaving in twill weave. Twill fabric has a higher count, is more durable and is also waterproof.

Classification of twill fabrics

Left twill and right twill

Twill weave is divided into left twill and right twill according to different diagonal grains.

Left twill: inclined from the upper left to the lower right, represented by "↖".

Right twill: inclined from the upper right to the lower left, represented by "↗".

Reinforced twill fabric

Reinforced twill fabric is formed by adding tissue points along the warp or weft direction next to a single tissue point of the twill fabric. (Twill fabric that does not have a single weave point in the weave)

Angle twill fabric

Angle twill fabric is a twill weave fabric in which the angle between the twill line and the weft yarn is not equal to 45°.

Mountain twill fabric

Also known as herringbone fabric. Change the direction of the twill line so that half of it slopes to the right and half of it slopes to the left, forming a symmetrical continuous mountain-shaped twill on the surface of the fabric.

Broken twill fabric

Broken twill fabric is made by destroying the normal twill weave pattern. Because the twill weave has fewer warp and weft interlacings than plain weave, its durability and strength are relatively poor, and it is prone to deformation and damage under strong pulling.

Diamond twill fabric

Diamond twill fabric is a twill change tissue. It is composed of warp and weft mountain-shaped twill or warp and weft broken twill. The surface of the fabric shows a diamond-shaped pattern composed of twill lines of the same or different thicknesses.

In addition to these types of twill fabrics, there are many more such as: composite twill fabrics, zigzag twill fabrics, reed mat twill fabrics, etc.

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