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We are a factory that can provide high customization. From raw materials to finishing can be tailored for you.

​Raw Yarn

Raw Yarn

The main products of our factory are polyester fabric and nylon fabric. We can also choose different raw yarns according to your requirements. You can choose according to your needs: Composition, Type, D, F, Twist,etc.


Our factory takes woven fabric as the main products. Fabric styles can be customized according to your requirements. Including: Structure, Width, Weight, Thread, etc.

woven fabric

​Dyeing And Printing


You can customize your color. You just need to tell us the Pantone number and we can dyeing it for you. If you want custom fabric printing. You send the pattern to us and we can make it. You can also choose our patterns or let our designers customize it for you.

​Post Treatment

If you want some special effect fabrics. For example: waterproof fabric, sunbrella fabric, film fabric, etc. We can all achieve the effect you want.

waterproof fabric
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