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3 Types Of Blackout Fabric

Blackout fabric is used to block sunlight and sunlight, and is a functional auxiliary fabric. It is usually used together with other fabrics to cover items to avoid contact with strong light, and has the effect of blocking strong light and ultraviolet rays. Widely used in vertical curtains and roller blinds. This is a model of modern home life and a trend in international home life.

Blackout fabrics can be divided into three types according to the production process: coated blackout fabric, composite blackout fabric and dyed blackout fabric.

Coated Blackout Fabric

Coated blackout fabric achieve shading effects by dyeing and coating the fabric. The most common ones are PVC-coated blackout fabric and silver-coated blackout fabric. The shading effect of PVC blackout fabric can reach 85%~99% depending on the thickness of the coating. The shading effect of silver-coated blackout cloth can reach 100%. Coated blackout fabrics are very cost-effective and can achieve better shading effects at a lower price. However, some harmful gases are produced during the production process, so some people think it is not environmentally friendly.

Composite Blackout Fabric

Composite blackout fabric combines dyed fabric and PVC cloth to achieve shading effect. Although in addition to PVC, there are also composite blackout fabrics composed of other materials. But composite PVC is the most common and widely used. Composite blackout fabric is thicker than ordinary coated blackout fabric because it is compounded with PVC cloth. The shading effect should also be better. But at the same time, it will feel much harder, and some people even think it feels like plastic. And PVC cloth will become brittle over time. Very easy to break and fall off.

Dyed Blackout Fabric

Dyed blackout fabric use the fabric's own weight and thickness to achieve shading effects. Among them, the most widely used are linen and cotton blends. The fabric made by blending these two fibers has a high weight and good drape, and has the effect of blocking strong light and ultraviolet rays. Can be made directly into curtains. However, blackout cloths woven from linen and cotton are more expensive. Therefore, there are many alternatives woven from chemical fibers on the market, which are cheaper.

Curtains made of cotton and linen
Curtains Made of Cotton and Linen

The biggest difference between the 3 types of blackout fabrics is their feel. With the same material and thickness. Dyed blackout fabric is the softest. Composite blackout fabric is the hardest. Coated blackout fabric is somewhere in between. Coated blackout fabric and composite blackout fabric have waterproof layer, so they can be used directly outdoors, and can even be used to make bags. Dyed blackout fabric is often used to make curtains and home furnishings.

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