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What is Oxford Fabric?What is Oxford Fabric Used for?

Oxford fabric also called Oxford cloth, is mostly made of polyesteror polyester-cotton blended yarn, and adopts a square weave with a heavy weft. It has the characteristics of easy washing, quick drying, soft hand feel, good hygroscopicity and comfortable wearing.

What is Oxford fabric?

Oxford Fabric Shirts
Oxford Fabric Shirts

It is named after the earliest Oxford University student uniform shirts made of this cotton fabric. In the 1900s, in order to combat the flashy and luxurious clothing trend at that time, a small group of maverick students at Oxford University designed and processed combed cotton fabrics on their own. This fabric has a two-color effect, a harmonious color, quietness, good breathability, and comfort. nature. Driven by this, the fabric became exclusive to Oxford University uniforms and became popular for a hundred years.Nowadays, Oxford fabrics made of chemical fibers are used more in bags and outdoor products.

Classification and uses of Oxford fabrics

There are many types of Oxford fabrics. According to the thickness of the yarn, it can be divided into: 1680D, 1200D, 900D, 600D, 420D, 300D, 210D, etc.

1680D Oxford fabric: It is the strongest and strongest Oxford fabric mentioned above. 1680D Oxford fabric is a double-ply Oxford fabric, woven using a plain weave method of 800D*800D with double warp and double weft. It has strong tensile strength and wear resistance. Mainly suitable for high-end luggage fabrics.

1680D Oxford Fabric
1680D Oxford Fabric

600D Oxford fabric: woven with plain weave 600D*600D. 600D Oxford fabric has the characteristics of strong, good elasticity, strong firmness and good durability. Mainly suitable for bags, home furnishings, etc.

420D Oxford fabric: usually dyed and finished, waterproof and moisture-proof, PVC coating, etc. The 420D Oxford fabric has bright colors, breathability, waterproof and moisture-proof, fireproof, sun protection, UV protection, mildew resistance, wear resistance and other properties. Mainly suitable for outdoor fabrics such as outdoor tents.

420D Oxford fabric
420D Oxford Fabric

210D Oxford fabric: 210D Oxford fabric can be made into soft materials such as the lining/interlayer of packaging bags, handbags and luggage through general post-processing. If the requirements are slightly higher, it needs to be coated, waterproof and moisture-proof, silver-coated and other post-processing processes. It can be used to make car clothing, outdoor tents, shoe materials, backpacks, storage boxes, simply assembled wardrobes, advertising aprons, etc.

In addition to being classified according to yarn thickness, it can also be divided into: Plaid Oxford fabric, Elastic Oxford fabric, Nylon Oxford fabric, Jacquard Oxford fabric, Polyester Oxford fabric, etc.

Plaid Oxford fabric: It made of plain weave interwoven on a water-jet loom. This kind of fabric is mainly used as fabric for various bags.

Elastic Oxford fabric: The warp and weft yarns of this fabric are made of polyester DTY, and the thick-point changing permeable tissue is interwoven on a spray faucet loom. After the fabric is relaxed, scoured, pre-shaped, alkali reduced, and softened and set, the reverse side of the fabric is then passed through a rubber-plastic polyester layer. Bags made of this fabric are known for their stylish appearance, delicate texture, and good waterproofness.

Elastic Oxford fabric
Elastic Oxford Fabric

Nylon Oxford fabric: Common specifications are 210D, 420D, 840D, 1680D cloth, 500D, 1000D. After dyeing, finishing and coating processes, the fabric has the advantages of soft hand feel, strong drape, novel style, and good waterproof performance. The surface of the fabric has a nylon luster. Because of its excellent quality and novel colors, it is deeply loved by users. Mainly used to make various types of bags, waterproof and flood-proof items.

Jacquard Oxford fabric: It adopts jacquard texture and is interwoven on a water-jet loom. It is also mainly used as fabric for bags.

Jacquard Oxford Fabric
Jacquard Oxford Fabric

Polyester Oxford fabric: Polyester Oxford fabric is woven from polyester filament, which is divided into polyester filament, polyester low elastic filament, and polyester staple fiber. Therefore, polyester Oxford fabric is divided into polyester filament Oxford fabric, polyester low elastic fiber Oxford fabric, and polyester yarn Oxford fabric. After being treated with alkali, dyeing, anti-static, and coating, polyester Oxford fabric has the advantages of light texture, soft hand feel, good waterproofness, and good durability. Commonly used as bags, tents, car covers, awnings, etc.

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