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Textile Yarn Analysis — Yarn Definition

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Yarn is the direct material for fabric weaving, weaving, embroidery and sewing. Thousands of fabrics are woven from yarns of different raw materials and morphological structures. And to a large extent determine the texture characteristics and intrinsic properties of fabrics and clothing. The quality of sewing thread directly affects the difficulty of garment sewing and garment quality. Therefore, yarn is an important factor that constitutes and affects fabrics and clothing.

yarn balls
Yarn Balls

Yarn Definition

Yarn definition is the general term for continuous fiber bundles that are used for fabric weaving, weaving, embroidery, and sewing, and have certain strength, fineness, and flexibility.Yarns can be broadly classified into two types: Long-fiber yarns and short-fiber yarns.

Long-fiber Yarn

Long fiber itself has the characteristics of length, strength and softness required for textile processing. In the production of fabrics, the filament fibers will be processed such as merging and twisting according to the style and performance of the product. This gives the yarn a certain fineness and twist. Common long-fiber yarns are silk and most synthetic fibers.Silk needs to be reeled to combine several cocoon silk into corresponding raw silk. Synthetic long fibers are usually assembled into yarns from the spinning solution through the spinneret.

Reeling Silk
Reeling Silk

Short-fiber Yarn

Ordinary staple fiber yarns are usually made through spinning processes such as fiber opening and bundling. The process of cutting short fibers from long fibers is greatly simplified. Common short-fiber yarns include cotton, linen, wool and some synthetic short fibers.Short-fiber yarns must be twisted to form them for use.

Carding Wool
Carding Wool

There are many other factors that determine fiber performance. For example: linear density, twist, fiber count and spinning process, etc.

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