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Textile Fiber Analysis — Melting Point Test

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Synthetic fibers are identified according to the principle of different melting characteristics during the melting point test. This method is not suitable for cellulose fibers and protein fibers that do not melt.


The following are the melting points of commonly used synthetic fibers:

Polyester:255~260 ℃

Nylon 6:215~224 ℃

Nylon 66:250~258 ℃

Vinylon:224~239 ℃

Spandex:228~300 ℃

Acrylic:No apparent melting point

The melting point test requires observation of the temperature at which the fiber is matted. Appropriate equipment is required.

In addition to the above methods, there are many fiber analysis methods. However, these methods have high requirements and are generally used for important research work or criminal investigation.

It should be emphasized that in actual work, it is often necessary to use multiple methods for identification at the same time. Reliable conclusions can only be drawn after comprehensive analysis.

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