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T800 Fabric

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30D Twill/75D Twill/50D Plain/75D Plain


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Description du produit

T800 fabric is a new type of elastic fiber made from a combination of PBT and PET. It is made using an innovative double helix structure, which is achieved by the difference in shrinkage properties between the two fibers during the spinning process. This results in a permanently curled structure with one tight and one loose curl. T800 has good elasticity recovery, 10% higher than that of T400.

T800 has been improved on the basis of T400, with better elasticity and a lower price for the grey cloth, making it more acceptable and thus becoming a “new favorite in the market”. It has a super strong cotton feel, with 100% polyester short yarn making the surface of T800 delicate and super cottony. The all-matte surface conforms to current fashion trends.

In addition, T800 also has the characteristic of being permanently dry. The spiral yarn structure presents an eight-shaped groove cross-section, bringing a unique effect of instant moisture absorption and diffusion. Its quick-drying property is 8 times higher than that of cotton, and its moisture absorption property is twice that of ordinary polyester. It also has high color fastness, with 100% polyester material giving T800 good dyeing performance. It can be boiled at normal pressure using ordinary dyes without a carrier to achieve ultra-high saturation and color fastness.

In summary, T800 fabric is an excellent elastic fiber material with good elasticity recovery, super strong cotton feel, permanent dryness and high color fastness. It is popular in the market and is becoming the choice of more and more people.

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