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Polyester Spandex Satin

Largeur du tissu:



CSY(Covered Spandex Yarn)




Applicable :

Description du produit

Polyester Spandex Satin is a type of fabric that incorporates spandex yarns. It is made from polyester FDY bright 50D or DTY 75D + spandex 40D and is woven on an air-jet loom using a satin weave. Due to the use of bright yarns in the warp and weft, the fabric has an attractive appearance and offers advantages such as lightness, softness, elasticity, comfort, and luster. It has become a popular choice in the fabric market.

This versatile fabric can be used to make a wide range of garments, including pants, sportswear, and suits. It is also an ideal material for bedding products such as mattresses and bedspreads. The fabric is comfortable to wear and has become a popular choice among consumers.

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