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Polyester Chiffon

Largeur du tissu:



PFY(Polyester Filament Yarn)


Satin/Plain/Pearl/Double Crepe

Evening wear/Nightgowns/ Blouses/Scarves/Lingerie/ Ribbons/Dresses

Applicable :

Description du produit

Polyester chiffon is a lightweight, sheer, and elegant fabric that is both strong and soft. Made from polyester fibers, this fabric is known for its high strength, good wear resistance, good light resistance, and corrosion resistance. However, its moisture absorption is relatively poor.

Polyester chiffon comes in a wide array of vibrant colors and can be used for a variety of garments such as evening wear, nightgowns, blouses, scarves, lingerie, ribbons, and wedding dresses. The fabric can be hand washed in cold water or dry cleaned.

Polyester chiffon is available in different varieties based on characteristics such as color, pattern, thickness, transparency, texture, and luster. For example, there are solid color polyester chiffon, printed polyester chiffon, thick polyester chiffon, thin polyester chiffon, matte polyester chiffon and shiny polyester chiffon.

Overall, polyester chiffon is a versatile and elegant fabric that adds a touch of sophistication to any garment.

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