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Nylon Taslan

Largeur du tissu:



NFY(Nylon Filament Yarn)/ATY(Air-Textured Yarn)




Applicable :

Description du produit

Nylon Taslan is a type of nylon fabric that has a soft and cotton-like texture, thanks to a special air jet texturing process that gives it a fine and crimped appearance. Nylon Taslan is also water repellent, wind resistant, strong and durable, making it ideal for outdoor and intense sports apparel.

Nylon Taslan comes in various styles, such as jacquard Taslan, honeycomb Taslan, and fully opaque Nylon Taslan. Each style has its own features and advantages, depending on the intended use and design preference. For example, jacquard Taslan has a decorative pattern woven into the fabric, honeycomb Taslan has a hexagonal mesh structure that enhances breathability and moisture wicking, and fully opaque Nylon Taslan has a high density and opacity that prevents transparency.

Nylon Taslan can be used to make garments, ready-to-wear clothing, golf wear, stylish jackets, breathable fabrics with high waterproofness, multi-layer composite fabrics, functional fabrics, etc. Nylon Taslan can also be combined with other fabrics or materials, such as fleece, spandex, or PU coating, to create different effects and functions.

Nylon Taslan is a versatile and high-tech fabric that offers comfort, performance, and style for various applications. It is easy to care for and has a long-lasting quality.

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