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Embroidery Fabric

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Skirts/Women's clothing/Accessories/Dress

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Description du produit

Embroidered fabrics are a type of textile material, which are mostly made of pure cotton, lace, and other materials. Traditional fabrics are produced without any patterns and require dyeing and processing. Embroidered fabrics are created by machine-embroidering patterns onto the fabric after dyeing and processing. There are many types of embroidery, which can create various beautiful patterns that are not easy to fade, and have good air permeability and moisture absorption. Embroidery can be divided into color embroidery and patch embroidery. Color embroidery refers to the embroidery technique of using various colored embroidery threads to create pattern designs. Its colors are bright and it is widely used in clothing and bedding. Patch embroidery, also known as applique embroidery, involves cutting the patch according to the pattern requirements and pasting it on the embroidery surface. Cotton or other materials can be padded between the patch and the embroidery surface to make the pattern stand out in relief. After pasting, various needlework techniques are used to lock the edges, and the embroidery method is simple and unique in style.

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