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Shumei Silk(Poly Twill Lining)

ফ্যাব্রিক প্রস্থ:



FDY(Fully Drawn Yarn)/DTY(Draw Texturing Yarn)


240T/300T/230T Jacquard

Suit Lining/Windbreaker Lining/Leather Lining


পণ্যের বর্ণনা

Shumei silk, also known as poly twill lining, is a thin all-polyester fabric. It is made from FDY and DTY raw materials and woven on a water jet loom using a twill weave. After finishing, the fabric has a soft hand feel, bright luster, and no static electricity. The product is suitable for making high-end suits, windbreakers, leather garments, etc.

The front of the fabric uses artificial silk to show its style characteristics. With its soft and smooth hand feel, it does not fade or wrinkle easily. It has a bright luster and strong fastness. It is not only suitable for lining casual wear and Tang suits but also a fashionable lining for bags.

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